Here is a series of 3 mini documentaries on archaeoastronomy. We were asked by several archaeologists and astronomers to do a few documentaries to introduce astronomy for a large public not neglecting the requirements for an academic level.

The voice over is French. English subtitles were added.

Introduction to archaeoastronomy

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On the sun's trail - archaeoastronomy - episode 2

Çatal Höyük - Turkey


Çatal Höyük is the oldest city in the world. It marks the dawn of agriculture in the Neolithic time. Surprisingly, the houses are adorned with illustrations that seem to be astronomical symbols according to the Archeodoxa team. I was suspecting that these mansions would have been sun clock. Indeed, their windows had precise orientations and were located only at the top of the walls. In addition, its dwellers were entering by the roof using a ladder.


As you will see below, my suspicions are confirmed. I'm happy that others have thought about it too. This shows that trends are changing and that archaeologists are increasingly accepting the idea that astronomy was extremely important in the beliefs of our distant ancestors.


As a reminder, the aim of this website is more than just exposing our research but also to initiate people to archeoastronomy. Geologist by trade, I was called to collaborate with archaeologists during my 15 years in Turkey. My surprise was to realize that many archaeologists and historians were not sufficiently trained or open mind to appreciate archeoastronomy. And that's where came my idea of doing 3D animations to explain in all simplicity the fundamental principles of an astronomy specific to our ancestors.

Catal Höyük - Archaeoastronomy episode 3


This third episode uses the concepts of episodes 1 and 2 to decode the mysterious symbols found in Çatal Höyük, the oldest city in the world. Çatal Höyük saw the dawn of agriculture in the Neolithic prehistory.


Çatal Höyük - timelapse of a Sun clock house - Credits : Eva Bosch

Çatal Höyük - Houses we Sun clock!!


Eva Bosch is a Catalan artist involved in prehistoric art. While in Turkey, Eva worked along archaeologists (see She took the opportunity to film in 'time-lapse' this incredible video of the Sun’s movement on an  experimental house of Çatal Höyük.

Çatal Höyük -  3D Hoouse - Credits : Grand Cox

Visit a Çatal Höyük house in 3D!


Here we are not quite in archeoastronomy but in archaeology. However, because of my passion for 3D animations I wanted to share the work of Grant Cox. No, it is not the experimental house on the site of Catal Höyük; it's a 3D animation! A one Grant did for a project for the archaeological team. I am amazed!


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