The Mystery of Languages - The Story of a Great Flood

The myths around the world derive from a common source dating back to prehistory. Historians and mythologists have not managed to solve this mystery. For nearly 25 years, the Archeodoxa group was studying mythology, archaeoastronomy and ancient languages in order to bring a new light to human history. To decode ancient beliefs and religions one must recognizes the relationships between flood stories and those of creation myths. The gods or heroes are redundant numbers: 7 + 1 chief = 8, often 4 couples.  Besides all pantheons are built on the seven and eight. These divine entities emerge from chaotic waters out of a ship or a cosmic egg.

Episode 1

 episode 2

Here is a series of 3 mini documentaries archaeoastronomy. Several archaeologists, astronomers and students were asking  documentaries to introduce astronomy with both; accessibility to a large public and, the level of academic requirements.

Archeoastronomie Introduction 1

On the sun's trail - Archeoastronomie - episode 2

Catal Huyuk - Archeoastronomie episode 3


This third episode uses the concepts of episodes 1 and 2 to decode the mysterious symbols found in Çatalhöyük, the oldest city in the world. Çatalhöyük saw the dawn of agriculture in the Neolithic prehistory.